Flip Mino: A Smaller, Better Flip Camcorder for $180

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The Flip Mino, a pint-sized but more powerful companion to the so-easy-your-grandma-will-be-a-YouTube-star Ultra, is now official. We already saw the $180 mini-cam in a fuzzy picture, but now we know that although it carries 2GB of on-board flash for 60 minutes of VGA-quality recording like the Ultra, it's 40% smaller—a scant 4" x 2" x 0.6". The Mino distances itself further by adding a Li-ion battery and a flat back-panel with touch-sensitive buttons (rather than the Ultra's AAs and push buttons). Check back shortly for a full hands-on; meanwhile, there's a spec-laden fact sheet and a gallery's worth of more shots after the jump.


Flip Video Mino Camcorder Details:

* Amazingly thin, pocket-sized camcorder

* 40% smaller than Ultra Series. Dimensions : 4" x 2" x 0.6". Weight: 3.3 oz.

* 2GB of on-board flash memory records up to 60 minutes of video

* Sealed, internal rechargeable lithium ion battery that recharges through built-in USB arm

* Flat back-panel with touch-sensitive buttons

* No Glare display screen (1.5")

* TV quality video

* Instant playback, pause, fast forward/rewind, and delete features

* Available in black and white models

* Connects to TV for instant viewing

* Built-in high-speed software enables instant video sharing from any PC or Mac:

o Save and organize videos on computer

o Email videos and video greeting cards

o Publish videos instantly on video sharing sites like YouTube, MySpace, and AOL

o Capture still photos from video clips

o Create custom movies with your own music

o Make your own DVDs and have them shipped anywhere in the world

Camcorder Available June 5, 2008

Nationwide at Amazon.com, BestBuy.com, Circuit City, Costco.com, Sears, Target.com, TheFlip.com, Walmart.com, and other national retailers. Available at additional retailers Fall 2008.

Camcorder Suggested Retail Pricing:

60 minute model: $179.99

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I want to see video samples (preferably low-light scenes).