Floating Fireplace Produces No Smoke, Requires No Sorcery

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The problem with real fireplaces is they're usually impractically far from a couch to be used for anything other than heat. However, without the need for a chimney, this ethanol powered flame can be dragged wherever your marshmallows need toasting.

The optional glass support panels make it look like the Veniz Fireplace is magically floating above the floor, like a piece of designer furniture stolen from Hogwarts. Instead of logs—or magic—bio-ethanol is the fuel of choice here since it doesn't produce a smell or any smoke. But it's still advised to only use the fireplace in a well ventilated room since it does give off CO2.


It's certainly a lovely piece of eye candy, but is it worth $1,300 including the glass panels? Because fire is involved, I'm tempted to say yes and deter people from tackling this as a DIY project. [AllModernOutlet via Fancy]