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Floating Touchscreen Displays Keep ATM Screens Invisible To Others

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If this next-generation display technology developed by Asukanet ever goes past the concept stage, the days of huddling over an ATM display to block your balances from prying eyes could be over. With a viewing angle of just plus or minus 20 degrees, the Aerial Imaging Plate has a very specific sweet spot that ensures your private info stays private.

The display uses a focus-free pico projector aimed at a piece of glass that actually reflects the light twice, which ends up creating an optical illusion of an image floating in mid-air when you're standing directly in front of it. And with the addition of targeted sensors, the floating image can even be touched and interacted with. So not only is it almost impossible for others to see what's on the display, there's no physical contact and no fingerprints left behind leaving clues about someone's PIN. Which would make an ATM employing this technology incredibly safe to use, not to mention far less disgusting. [DigInfo TV]