Folding Design Flattens the Fatty UK Plug

It's why we declared independence in America, and it may have something to do with fabled British teeth. The UK's power plug is ridiculously large, and now one designer has fixed it.


The video is a bit on the slow side, but here's the gist: The UK is filled with beautiful slim electronics, but these electronics have actually become skinnier than the required 1.8-inch-thick power plug. This new proposed design can collapse to 1cm (.4 inches) when not in use, allowing it to squeeze into the narrowest of bags and pockets will no longer putting unnecessary pressure on the prongs whenever your bag is set down the wrong way.

Now we just need those US to UK adapters to go through the same round of smart engineering. [Pocket-Lint]


Le Starman Royale, duc des Mudkips et des modules MIDI

Impressive technology there! But still, I prefer the American/Japanese plugs more, due to the fact that the pins can't easily break off as the Euro and UK prongs can.