Foolproof Black & Decker LI4000 SmartDriver Screws Perfectly Every Time

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Using a screw guide to keep fasteners on track, the Black & Decker Ll4000 SmartDriver might help that special poseur carpenter in your life who's nothing but thumbs.

Because in addition to the typical magnetic drill bits that save sanity and screws from falling between the cracks of your current project, the 3.6-volt, Lithium-Ion battery powered SmartDriver also has a little extended arm that holds the screw in place while you work. Add in an LED work light and a six speed clutch and you have a pretty indispensable little gift, should you be a butterfingers handy man, like me.

Pay no attention to the wacky $4,000 Amazon price tag—the SmartDriver supposedly only retails for about $40. [Craziest Gadgets via Coolest Gadgets]