Football Match Broadcast In 3D This Sunday In UK, Full Sky 3D Service Starting In April

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3DTV is hitting the UK earlier than expected, with a football (translation: soccer) match screening this Sunday. It'll be the first sports event broadcasted in 3DTV, and will be on show in nine pubs (translation: bars) across the country.

Sky's actually launching their 3D channel properly in April, with this Sunday's Arsenal vs Manchester United match being the first stop-off on the multi-dimensional tour. It'll mostly be of use to pub-goers, with few people expected to be snapping up the first wave of 3DTV panels when they go on sale, but Sky's 3D service will be available to all Sky+HD box owners.

It's not yet known whether the beer-swilling pub-goers will need to bring their own 3D glasses, or if the pubs will supply them, but one thing is for certain: after a few pints, glasses won't be needed to see in 4D, let alone 3D. [Sky via TechRadar]