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For $894 This iPhone 4 Film Rig Should Include the Phone

Surely there must be some budding smartphone auteur out there who needs to invest deeply in the feature-length film they're shooting on their iPhone 4. For anyone else, Zacuto's Z-Grip iPhone Cinema Kit might be a bit excessive.


The kit builds on Zacuto's $300 Z-Grip iPhone Pro Stabilizer by tacking on a $199 articulating arm, which itself is handy for attaching the $395 Z-Finder Pro. But before you say "for that kind of money, I could just go and buy myself a real camera," listen closely to the nice men in the video: it also works with model trains. SOLD! [Zacuto via Buzzfeed]

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Ok, so seriously, when did we decide the iphone 4 had a camera worthy of a $900 accessory? I mean.... yeah. I don't need to go much further, do I?

I could buy 4 very good, 12+ MP point and shoots for that cost. And the memory cards to feed them all. Or a used Mid-level SLR with a couple lenses. Oh wait, I did. Hmm...