It's one thing to have your own submarine. It's another to have your own submarine that's an awesome jet. And for just 2 million that dream can come true with Spymaster's custom Orcasub.

The 22ft-long, 4-ton monster is designed to descend to 1,000 feet, and on its way down, it flies through the water like a plane. Controlled with pedals and a joystick that control thrust, lift, and drag, the Orcasub can dive, roll, and bank just like a fighter jet, except in the water instead of the air. The Orcasub boasts 80 hours of life support and a 60,000 lumen lighting system. And, if you've really got cash to blow, you can max out that depth to 6,000 feet for a mere 7.2 million dollars extra.


Should some crazy millionaire decide this is the purchase for him or her, Spymaster will provide the undersea pilots-to-be with five days of training. What a deal! But you better start saving up now; that initial investment is a zinger. [Pocket-Lint via Engadget]