For this Astronaut, the Last Night on Earth Has a Different Meaning

On the eve of the first mission to a potential habitable extrasolar planet, two very different people meet in a bar. Underneath the thrilling anticipation of discovery, their evening together exposes a current of wistfulness for the life the astronaut explorer is leaving behind.


Odessa was directed by Cidney Hue and stars Cat Walleck and Ken Fuller as the central pair. It's a very human take on the idea of an astronaut going into stasis for a long voyage—recognizing that someone can have no doubts about their commitment to discovery and still feel that there's no place like home.

[via Kuriositas]


Little Time Bomb

I would never see these short films you post about without io9, I'm so glad you highlight them. It's amazing what some people can do with 14 minutes. In some cases building characters more realized than entire 2 hour movies manage.