Forcibly Prevent Yourself From Texting and Driving With This App Jammer

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There are laws, PSAs, and nagging family members out there trying to keep us from using our phones while driving. Scosche's cellCONTROL is a clever device that'll actually block the use of distracting apps and the phone whenever a car is motion.

cellCONTROL is a Bluetooth device that plugs into the ODB-II port of your car (you know, the plug the mechanic uses to check your car's problem codes.). Once connected to the brain of your engine, the Bluetooth device and its accompanying app will block the use of pre-determined apps that text, check email, browse the Internet, or post to social networks when the car is in motion. If a handsfree device is in use, you can still make calls.

An initial setup of the device determines which apps to block while a vehicle is moving. If the device is unplugged from the car, or tampered with, an email or text is sent to an administrator (presumably a teen driver's parents). The cellCONTROL will set you back $130 and works with Android, BlackBerry, and old school WinMo phones (ed. note: WinMo? Are you kidding me?! That's so gross.). [Scosche]