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Forget Pantone, Here's Beertone

Illustration for article titled Forget Pantone, Heres Beertone

Who cares what color the walls are when there's beer in front of you? That's exactly what the guys between Beertone thought, when they decided to put together a color chart that takes you on a journey through the entire spectrum of beer. Beertone explains:

The bright beers will start the guide ending with the dark ones. Each Beer will be presented with picture, description and of course its color Information, RGB, CMYK, Web, SRM( that's the beer color scale). We are shooting each beer, bottle and the beer itself in a glass.


So far they've put together a color chart of Swiss beers, which is available to pre-order now for $40. If Swiss beer isn't your thing, though, it might be worth holding off—they have plans to produce color charts for other parts of the world, too. [Beertone via Foodigity via Neatorama]

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Evning Kirk

Lol, everyone knows, the colour of the beer depends on the light of the establishment you drink it at.