Forget Pepper Spray—Destroying Protestors Gets Even Easier!

Illustration for article titled Forget Pepper Spray—Destroying Protestors Gets Even Easier!

The next time you need to incapacitate a bunch of people sitting on the ground silently protesting corporate greed, think outside the box—face-burning spray canisters are becoming passé. Mother Jones' Dave Gilson wraps up the best eye-melters around.


There's the fogger, the backpack sprayer, or, my favorite, PepperBalls, which combine the pain and accuracy of a gun with the chemical potency of ol' fashioned pepper spray. At this rate of progress, I'm hoping there will be some way to arm Predator drones with capsaicin and just directly crash them into protestors. [Mother Jones]



Would you please do your research before writing slanted articles? The protesters were breaking the law. They were warned with plenty of time that they had to leave. They were shown that pepper spray would be used.

All of this and they still refused. They broke the law.

Not only that, but they were demonstrating on private property. By doing that they were considered trespassers. Ten people were arrested. The police can not arrest someone unless a law is broken.

Yes, we get it. You're a supporter of the protesters. Yes, we all get that Gizmodo is you're political soap box.

And no, we don't care to hear it anymore.