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Forget The Earth, Let's Terraform The Moon!

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Artist James Clyne, who already wowed us with what turned out to be a racer lost in Antarctica, also has a gorgeous vision of what it would be like if we started modifying and hacking the moon into a place to live and do business. But what's up with that giant ball in the middle of downtown? City-to-city low-gravity volleyball? Find out the answer, along with details of's vision, after the jump.

After several failed attempts, scientists now believe that by withdrawing water from deep within the moon's inner core of newly discovered ice caverns, their terraforming operation will at last prove successful. Once the water is brought up to the surface and pumped through the eight mile wide transforming spheres, it will then be dispersed as new oxygen-rich compounds, which eventually will create a livable lunar atmosphere. The surrounding city has grown twofold in the last several months and its inhabitants anxiously await the momentous outcome.


Hopefully there's a space for io9 there, because it looks like a pretty decent place to live. That is if you love spires, the moon, and huge balls. [JamesClyne]