Forthcoming Nikon D90 Looks Certain, Kit Priced at $1,299

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Rumblings of new Nikon DSLRs have been reaching deafening levels, and this Circuit City SKU pretty much confirms the D90 is on the way. The successor to the fantastic D80 is going to drop soon, bundled with an 18-105mm VR lens (probably the same one the D80 was kitted up with) for $1,299. Not bad, considering a similar D80 kit will probably run you about a grand if you were to order today. But don't, because release date rumors have been indicating the new hotness could become official as early as next month. [Nikon Rumors]



Depending on the specs I'll probably sell my D80 and jump for a D90 instead of the D300. I really can't justify the D300's price, even if it's a phenomenal dSLR. The feature set on the D80 is great for the price and I can't wait to see what Nikon adds to the D90. This is exciting news!