Fox: HP's Putting Windows 8 on TouchPads

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HP tablets are dead! No they aren't! Yes they are! Either way, Fox claims they're at least on some sort of life support, and being tested with Windows 8.


Fox's Anonymous Source™ says HP's playing with Windows 8 on TouchPad as a "proof of concept"—which means even if A) This is true and B) It runs well on the TouchPad, it might still never become a reality. After all, at some point soon there might not even be a computer company named HP anymore.

But here's a question—do you want this to be true? Part of the TouchPad's renaissance owed something to WebOS' cult following. Of course, the $100 liquidation sale sure helped. [Fox News]

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Microsoft is at least a year from an official release of Windows 8; would they release a beta version for the TouchPad? Would it be a specialized version, something like Microsoft Kin?

Part of me thinks it would be a good idea: The TouchPad needs an OS, it would be a nice test for the Arm version of Windows 8, and it could build a customer base for the final release. My guess is this would require HP to develop the hardware drivers. But, if Microsoft did this for HP, every other major tablet company would expect the same thing.

Reading the original article, this does make a little sense, assuming Microsoft could release Windows 8 within 6 months or so. HP has already invested in the R&D for this device, and probably still has most of the supply and manufacture chain in place. The device, in it's current form, should be a decent Windows 8 tablet. They would have a head start on the market, and Microsoft could count on a decent percentage of the existing users to buy a Windows 8 license. The issue was never with the hardware in the tablet, it was that WebOS needed more time (or something) and the commitment to maintaining WebOS. Windows 8 removes both of those issues. Well, unless HP does another 3 Stooges routine and declares the PC division and tablet dead.