FOXBlocker Cable Filter

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A company has developed a product called the 'Fox Blocker,' which clips in-line to your cable television service and supposedly filters out just the FOX News network. If you order the $9 unit, the for-profit company promises to send your name in an email to FOX's advertisers in a show of hatred for the conservative news network. I'm sure Rupert Murdoch is shaking in his illegal immigrant-made, welfare mother-skin boots.

Product Page [FoxBlocker]

Update: Michael writes in explaining why it's very likely this product will not work for everyone.
Update Update: Then the company founder writes in explaining why it will.

I don't like Fox news just as much as the next guy, but I believe this product is a scam.

This product is called a notch filter. It is designed to filter out a specific frequency range, and in this case a single 6 MHz notch of the frequency spectrum. A cable company can choose any frequency they want to transmit Fox news. Company A may choose 54 Mhz and Company B could choose 454 Mhz. For this product to work, you would have to know what freq your local provider uses for Fox news and get the notch filter for that frequency only. Getting this info would be nearly impossible for someone who is not "the cable guy". And all of this applies to analog only transmission.

For digital transmission, up to 8 "channels" (they are called programs streams) are transmitted on a single 6 MHz frequency band. This passive, analog only blocker would trap all 8 streams. And again, this single 6 Mhz band where Fox news is located can/does differ among cable companies.

My tin foil hat tells me that this website is run by some right-wing nuts trying to make money off some uninformed left-wingers.


Joshua Montgomery, from FOXBlocker, writes:

Our Foxblocker is for real. The customer chooses the channel at checkout time, we trap that channel. Simple, elegant.