Foxconn Enlists External Company to Manage Shenzhen Dorms

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Last we heard about Foxconn, they were considering closing down their Shenzhen factories, which have had bulk-attention festooned on them the past six months due to the spate of suicides. Now, we learn they're handing over control of dorms.


The company, whose factories make products for Apple, Dell, Sony and more, has enlisted the help of property management firms Shenzhen CPM Property Management and Kaiyuan Property Management to control the dorms, which house over 450,000 of the workers.

Foxconn raised wages after it was discovered employees were perhaps encouraged to kill themselves, so their families would receive the equivalent of ten years' salary after their demise. Raising wages, and scrapping that controversial compensation was seen as a step in the right direction, but the living conditions still needed to be addressed.

Employees will now have to pay rent to continue living in their dormitories, though Foxconn will be subsidizing it with a housing allowance per worker. It's not yet known how much the workers will have to pay out of their newly-increased wages, but after reading about the conditions from an undercover reporter who worked there, it seems morale is the biggest issue that needs addressing. [Digital Trends]




And on your last day of work, Shenzen CPM Property Management will let you sleep in late, provide bedside refreshments and pipe in classical music...

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