Free Dragon App Gives Voice to Your iPhone Searches

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Dragon Search is a voice search app that aggregates results from Google, Wiki, Twitter, YouTube, and iTunes, and more. It's good for free, and free for now, so get on it before they start charging.


After Dragon Dictation, this is the second app that Nuance has released gratis for a limited time this month. The only thing stopping Dragon Search from being a must-have is that voice search with your Google app will bring up largely the same top results, so for casual surfing it's a bit redundant. If you're looking for a deeper dive, though, the scrolling Search Carousel UI is actually a useful tool. Dragon Search also acts as a nice cheat to use voice search for the iTunes store, which might save your thumbs some damage in the long run. [iTunes]



Does this one send any private information to their servers, or have they stopped that for now?