Fresh Outta the Embargo Oven: Four Archos Players Rolled Out, Plus Archos TV

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We told you about the Archos 605 Wi-Fi portable media player in a bunch of Frenchie news leaks and video, but here's the real and official word on the Archos 105, 405, 605 and 705, plus the all-new Archos TV Plus.


• 105: Ultra-mini music and video player with a 160x128 1.8-inch OLED screen. It's just 3 inches wide and is a mere third of an inch thin. No pricing was announced, we'll have to wait until this fall for that.

• 405: Fairly cheap ($169.99) and less than .5 inches thick, this one's packing 2GB of flash memory to play vids on its 3.5-inch 480x272 pixel screen. Pop in an SD, miniSD or microSD card for more storage, and you can even watch this one's output on your home theater TV.

• 605 Wi-Fi: We told you about it in a teaser and here's the hands-on. The big story? It has a gussied-up user interface and it's cheaper, too, solving its predecessor's biggest problems. [In a hillbilly-sounding voice] And hey, looky there—she's slimmed down a bit, too.

• 705 Wi-Fi: Here's the granddaddy of them all, with a screen with so much rez that you need eagle eyes to see it. It's got a 7-inch widescreen with 800x480 pixels, and hey, that's a big screen for a personal media player. Sweet! Pick a 80GB or 160GB version, and take a gander at video so sharp your mom will think it's HD. Check out the videos of the 605 and 705 here.


• TV Plus: Downloads movies and surfs the Web, and almost satisfies the purists with its HDMI and component outputs. More about that here.



I've never been impressed with Archos. Not then, not now, probably not ever. No since of style. None. Boring.