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Fresh Outta the Embargo Oven: Four Archos Players Rolled Out, Plus Archos TV

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We told you about the Archos 605 Wi-Fi portable media player in a bunch of Frenchie news leaks and video, but here's the real and official word on the Archos 105, 405, 605 and 705, plus the all-new Archos TV Plus.


• 105: Ultra-mini music and video player with a 160x128 1.8-inch OLED screen. It's just 3 inches wide and is a mere third of an inch thin. No pricing was announced, we'll have to wait until this fall for that.

• 405: Fairly cheap ($169.99) and less than .5 inches thick, this one's packing 2GB of flash memory to play vids on its 3.5-inch 480x272 pixel screen. Pop in an SD, miniSD or microSD card for more storage, and you can even watch this one's output on your home theater TV.


• 605 Wi-Fi: We told you about it in a teaser and here's the hands-on. The big story? It has a gussied-up user interface and it's cheaper, too, solving its predecessor's biggest problems. [In a hillbilly-sounding voice] And hey, looky there—she's slimmed down a bit, too.

• 705 Wi-Fi: Here's the granddaddy of them all, with a screen with so much rez that you need eagle eyes to see it. It's got a 7-inch widescreen with 800x480 pixels, and hey, that's a big screen for a personal media player. Sweet! Pick a 80GB or 160GB version, and take a gander at video so sharp your mom will think it's HD. Check out the videos of the 605 and 705 here.

• TV Plus: Downloads movies and surfs the Web, and almost satisfies the purists with its HDMI and component outputs. More about that here.