Archos 605 WiFi Downloads Movies Over the Web

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Archos has just announced their Generation 5, their new line of multimedia players. We will get a hands-on later today, but the 605 Wi-Fi has been posted on their site. Although it looks very similar to the previous model, it has been improved all around.


First, the 4.3-inch screen is now 800 x 480 pixels. It comes with different hard drives: 30GB, 80GB and 160GB. Archos says the top model stores up to 200 1.5-hour clips with 1,000kbit/s MPEG-4 encoding. The 605 WiFi will also stream videos from your PC and record TV shows using the optional DVR Station, DVR Travel Adapter or Mini Dock. This feature also includes a new TV Program Guide.

The most important thing, according to Archos, is that you can download movies and music using their Archos Content Portal. You are not limited to this, though: It can also surf the Web and download or watch other content as well. Strangely enough, it requires you to download a Flash plug-in to see YouTube or other Flash-based video sites.

One nice touch: it reads PDF files. You know, for books.

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Internet downloads? Nice. Except that they promised this on the 604wifi as well, and it never happened.

Archos has a nasty habit of lying about what is possible with their devices, and forgetting about users of old(er) devices.

Instead of adding all these new features they should spend some money on a UI designer to fix that gawd awful interface. The Archos interface is the French peoples way of getting revenge for the "freedom fries" incident.