FreshPaper Keeps Fruits and Veg Fresher, Longer

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Here's a scenario: You go to the grocery store, where, among much else, you buy a a little plastic container of raspberries. You take them home, eat a few, put the container in the fridge and forget about 'em. Then a couple days later, you want to make a smoothie and have pull out the ingredients, only to discover a fuzzy green layer of mold blanketing your once-fresh and glittering red berries. Damn.


Fenugreen, the Massachusetts-based makers of a new product called FreshPaper, hopes to end scenarios like that one, once and for all. One five-inch square sheet of FreshPaper, placed under your refrigerated fresh fruit or vegetables, can extend their freshness by up to three weeks. Without any zeolite, sodium permanganate, charcoal, or plastic, FreshPaper is made of organic materials that help to eliminate the growth of bacteria and fungi on your food.

Fenugreen was founded by Kavita M Shukla (inventor of FreshPaper) and Swaroop Samant (a medical doctor), two friends interested in health and economic stability. Shukla was still in high school when she invented and patented FreshPaper—which she derived in part from the spices and botanicals in a home remedy passed down by her grandmother in India.

Buy FreshPaper ($4.99-$42.99) here. [DesigntoImproveLife via KlatMagazine via NotCot]


Last year or so, the NYT did a story about this problem regarding raspberries etc. They found that by pouring hot water of about 115 degrees on the fruit dramatically lengthened their life as measured by the advent of mold. I put super hot tap water over mine each time I get them home and it does extend their life.