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Friendly Reminder: Don't Install ISP-provided Software

You know those CDs that ISPs send you full of "helpful" "support" software? The ones that most computer-savvy people ignore? Well, you'd better just keep on ignoring them.


Tools released by SupportSoft and distributed by companies such as Comcast, Time Warner, and Bell South to their customers have turned out to be about as helpful as a Sony-installed rootkit. The software was designed to allow support staff to remotely access a customer's computer, but, surprise surprise, it allows basically anyone to remotely access customers' computers. So keep on using those discs as coasters, OK? [via Broadband Reports]


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When the FIOS technician from Verizon visited to install our connection a year ago or so, he handed me the "support CD" and said, "I know you will never install this, but let me remind you - don't ever install this."

Apparently some of the folks that work for these ISP's are well aware of how bad these programs are, and some are even kind enough to warn people. Still, we get computers in from our staff on a daily basis that have the crap from these support CD's installed on their system. The first thing we do is uninstall it.