From #whitenoise: Batman, Warmongers, and Drunkards

OCEntertainment wanted to know why we don't have a Comment of the Week. I don't really have an answer to that, but how about a collection of this week's best #whitenoise comment threads instead?

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We're proud of our comment system and commenter community. A great display of the sheer insanity and brilliance of the gals and boys who make it so wonderful is our open forum, #whitenoise. From Whitenoise is a regular feature to show the best of the best and the weirdest of the weird.

It's the weekend, so Jux and some pals are getting an early start on #drunkmodo. In their defense though, they're being responsible and keeping track of their BACs.


Oh, Nathan Obbards! Always ready with a new game thread or a Batman-themed photoshop challenge.


jeevesofRKdia wants you to stick a caption on his strange creation.

So far my favorites are WolfCobra13's

I'm the Twitter whale's depressed cousin!

and otko's

I'm blue da ba dee ba da bi

Ok, maybe I'm fibbing about being all that fond of Otko's line—I really hated that song—but I'm just happy he's rejoined us in #whitenoise.


Modest Mouse is giving everyone—including himself—in #whitenoise a pat on the back:

You guys are especially hilarious today, bringing your A-game and whatnot. Good work, you've entertained me... now get back to it.


MagicalTrev is getting serious and needs some advice:

Ok, I could use some advice, or at least some educated opinions. I'll settle for what I can get here, though.

Jabs aside, I have relied on a PDA in some sort or another for the last 10 years. I do not want to spend a monthly fee for the privilege of using a smartphone when I'm not interested in the data features. I need something to keep track of appointments, can store simple notes quickly, and I wouldn't mind if it stored an address book or could play music. Displaying pictures would also be a strong plus, as would syncing with either outlook or google calendar. If I could get these features in a phone without needing to sign up for a data package, that would be ideal as I'm tired of carrying around multiple devices. Thoughts or suggestions?


Picture by Jiri Brozovsky


SmokeyRivers missed most of it, but there was a grand war. The troops of #whitenoisers went off into battle against Lifehacker and Kotaku. Thankfully, General Bill Can't Fart helped keep things organized:

OK, troops. In about 1 hour, we will begin war against Kotaku. This battle will be more challanging. There's a good chance the enemy could retaliate and attack our base. There will be lives lost.

So, battle plans. We'll be attacking Kotaku's #speakup at 11am EST. Let's gather all our contest ideas and games and post them there. If you don't understand what's going on, take a look at what's left of Lifehacker's #openthread ([]) and the #greatgizwar tag.

Remember guys, we're going over there to have fun. Some of the editors have reminded us to not let things get too out of control. So don't get too crazy, obnoxious, stupid, etc. We're not trolls, we're #whitenoisers. Our goal is to spread our ways to the other Gawker blogs.

REMEMBER! Wear the #greatgizwar hashtag in all of our comments there, this needs to be organized.


Ok, Ok. I'll be honest. I do have a favorite comment thread right now. It was started by a fellow named BobotheTeddy and is a tribute to most of the Gizmodo editors (though I think that Brownski still wants to know what makes me so darn special that I get to hold the great banhammer).


Wednesday is supposed to be #wednesdaybookclub in #whitenoise, and Fractal the Meek and jeevesofRKdia made sure to get some discussions started.


Picture by Ian Wilson


I'm not sure what Kotaku commenter deanbmmv was thinking when he posted this picture in #whitenoise, but it certainly kicked off one heck of a thread.


This week's Fake Rumor Thursday and the fantastic Damage, Splash brought us this silliness:

7. This rumor is sponsored by Windows 7.

7. Further spurred by the current Thread Raids, rumor has it other Giz commenting team is forming plans for counter attack. For instance, lifehacker will either use automated comment attack or use outside third party to handle that, as using actual manpower would really cramp their productivity. io9 is rumored to use cyborgs from outer space, while Japolik will employ bunches of degenerate car lovers.

All sign points to the LEGION invading Gizmodo. Thanks guys, like we really need that.

7. Apple's Mighty/Magic/Hyper Mega Mouse will be replaced by the super sleek G-Spot Mouse. Lines forming as we speak, developing.

7. Kingston, outraged by reports of not so nice memory cards entering their supply chain, purchased several Chinese factories in Shenzen, and introduced new lines, such as Samdisk, SanSunk, and Rexar. Developing.

7. Sony will completely abandon Memory Stick and adopt XD as their primary memory format. Then the XD will be immediately supplemented by XD-HS-PRO-XG-PS3++ and XD-DUO-PRO-PS4+++.

7. Jay Leno will introduce a new sidekick: Conan O'Brien. Andy Richter will be their personal slave for the rest of the term.


It seems that jmcm's friend was really bored while decorating his or her room, but it still looks neat.


Conspiracies! Zmx15 wants to play a game:

This one is called Conspiracy. You just keep relating things to other things and end up with a whole huge conspiracy theory.

ExamplePersonA: January is a Month
ExamplePersonB: January Starts with J
ExamplePersonC: Jesus also starts with J
ExamplePersonQ: Jesus works for Gizmodo


Jason Chen also works for Gizmodo.
Jason just got a bunny.
Bunnies are evil...

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