Wonder what happens in that weird #whitenoise section? I braved the insanity to bring you an overview of the laughable rumors, pancake fanboys, and something about a leggy dude in a dress. (Don't worry, the picture's hidden behind another link.)

I say that #whitenoise is insane, but really it's a blast. There are silly commenters who make a game of guessing the heights of the Gizmodo staff members. (Hint: Frucci is surprisingly and pleasantly tall.) They play other games, too. Lots and lots of games.


But it's not all about being silly. The #whitenoise regulars give great advice to anyone in need. (Though heads up, sometimes you'll face some sarcasm before the truly good advice comes.) They even discuss deep bra-related issues.

Speaking of staying on your toes and watching out for sarcasm, #fakerumorthursday is a great weekly tradition in #whitenoise. Even when it causes panic with things like this:

In ever demanding response to using Sausages for stylii in Korea (and possibly elsewhere), Apple will announce next month that they too will create edible stylii made of meat. It will be extra shiny, and will never expire thanks to a new nano-polymer-bots. It is, however, expected to cost $199 for the 8 stick pack, and $399 for the 8 stick pack with international flavorings.


Scary, but I suppose it's a nice way to get out the energy after a lazy #wednesdaybookclub meeting and before celebrating pancake-centric holidays.

Mmm. Speaking of food. #whitenoise is full of cooking suggestions and recipes. Guess it's what those folks do between name-calling and name-making.

Those are some of the fun discussions going on this week, but I can't end this without sharing my favorite part of #whitenoise which is one commenter's crazy #mondayvent. Yeah, sometimes he pokes fun of us all, but after sharing pictures of himself in a dress, I'd say he's earned it.


We're proud of our comment system and commenter community. A great display of the sheer insanity and brilliance of the gals and boys who make it so wonderful is our open forum, #whitenoise. From Whitenoise is a regular feature to show the best of the best and the weirdest of the weird.

Picture by love♡janine