Fubo's Apple TV Multiview Feature Now Supports Four Streams at Once

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Image: Fubo TV

What’s better than dual streams on a single screen? Four streams, obviously.

Fubo TV, among the best streaming options for cord-cutting sports fans, announced today an update to its Multiview feature on Apple TV that will now support four simultaneous streams on a single screen rather than the previously supported two. Coinciding with the Big 10 football season, the quad-stream feature is already available to roughly 10% of Fubo TV users on Apple TV, the company said. Everybody else will be getting support for the chaos feed in the coming days.

A spokesperson confirmed that the feature will be supported on all live channels, including non-sports programming, but one thing to note is that multi-streams are, mercifully, muted on non-primary streams so as not to produce the uniquely overwhelming feeling of walking through the TV aisle of a Circuit City circa 2000.

To enable Multiview on Apple TV, swipe up from a live TV feed and navigate left or right to select another channel to add to the feed. Press and hold that secondary channel to add it to your screen. An “Add channel” option will appear below those live channels for users who have support for up to four simultaneous streams.


This is a particularly useful tool for sports fans, and expanding on an existing feature in this way certainly makes sense for a streaming platform like Fubo TV. I, however, look forward to streaming at least three home improvement and cooking programs at once. Hook me all the way up to the content machine, baby.