Fuel Cell Beverage Heater Keeps Your Coffee Drinkable

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Nothing is worse than having a hot cup of coffee turn into a chilly mug of awful without you realizing it, only to take a shocking sip an hour after you've gotten to work and need another caffeine boost. Enter the Fuel Cell Beverage Heater.


It's a wee device that hangs on the side of your mug, keeping your joe piping hot, just the way you like it. It even has "thermographic ink [that] changes color to indicate when the beverage is hot." Well, it would, at least, if it wasn't just a concept design. Damn you, concept designs, getting my hopes up for products that don't even exist!

Yanko Design [via MobileMag]


Reheating coffee actually messes with the chemical makeup of the beverage and ruins the flavor.

Reheating coffee does the same thing to the flavor as leaving it out all day - you either have to drink it hot or ice it right away to avoid losing the flavor.