Truth be told, I'm actually not a huge fan of Fugazi. I can get down with some Minor Threat, and The Evens, but Fugazi never really clicked with me. That is, except for "Bed For the Scraping." Now, this is a song I can groove to.

Off Fugazi's critically acclaimed 1995 record Red Medicine just screams along with a kind of funk you can't help but chair-dance to, if not dance out-right. There's practically nothing to not like about this song, but the highlights include the super-funky bass/drum intro and the amazing shout harmonies just before the main riff. And then the main riff itself is an ear-worm in all the right ways. It's definitely worth three or four listens, back to back to back to back. Don't worry Ian, you don't have to worry about being defeated when you're armed with a jam like this one. [Spotify, Amazon, iTunes]