Fujifilm's Unsettling X10 Ad Features Peeing Dogs, Butchered Fish, and Topless Dolls

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I have no idea what Fujifilm is trying to sell me in this creepy Japanese ad for their X10 point and shoot. Maybe the camera has a secret mode that can see inside my head and photograph my chilling nightmares?

Flash cuts of flowers, artwork, and beautiful jellyfish are interspersed with pig snouts, fish being butchered, dogs urinating, and a hanging web of topless dolls. It's completely baffling and after watching the ad—and the longer version on their Facebook page—the only thing that's certain is that the ad is still less creepy than Nikon's campaign featuring Ashton Kutcher stalking guests at various lavish parties. So I withdraw my complaint. [ECPZ via PetaPixel]