Illustration for article titled Fujitsu Esprimo Mini PC Stuffs Core 2 Duo, Blu-ray Into Tiny Little Package

Things you could do with the Fujitsu Esprimo Mini PC if you didn't really care all that much about the data contained inside: Play hockey, rest a cold drink on a warm day; balance a wobbly table.

You see, the Esprimo is tiny. Almost hockey puck tiny. Get it? But in that tight little form factor is a wealth of surprisingly robust features, like 4GB of memory and a 320GB hard drive for all your tiny file saving needs. Also inside is a Blu-ray optical drive and an accompanying HDMI port, which makes sense. The Core 2 Duo tops everything off.


One last caveat: All those features above are found in the "higher end" model, which is weird to type because the base model will cost a cool grand when it arrives in Germany in late September. [Fujitsu via Slippery Brick via Engadget]

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