Fujitsu Launches 12.5-Hour Laptop

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Fujitsu, which just got married and is going by the name Fujitsu-Siemens—but we can call it Fujitsu until they change its Outlook and business cards—launched a notebook that can go for about 12.5 hours on one charge. Very special? Comparatively, considering that the beefiest notebooks I've seen in a while have lasted about 10 hours and change.

The rest of the notebook, called the LifeBook C1320, isn't very attractive. Standard Centrino chipset, nice SATA drive connections, and 5-pound weight with nice aluminum frame. More big IT shop than Hello-Kitty-Sticker-Worthy laptop, at least you can get a bit of work done on the New York-Tokyo flight.

Fujitsu-Siemens Announces 12.5-Hour Laptop [BIOSMagazine]

UPDATE - Big scam or at least misleading. You get 12.5 hours with the optional extra big battery.