Fujitsu Mag EraSURE: Erase Your HD In 60 Seconds

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We're far from encouraging people to engage in illegal activities—we didn't look at our naked selves in the mirror until we were over 18—but this 60 second hard disk eraser from Fujitsu has many business applications as well.

Financial and medial corporations often have sensitive data they need to safeguard, say, when they sell off their computers. With the Mag EraSURE, stick in magnetic media such as a hard disk, and in 60 seconds all data will be gone, like last night's leftovers for Ambien users.


For the paranoid home user, keeping one of these on your desk to erase your ill-gotten bittorrented goods when the MPAA come knocking may be another useful application. EraSURE, all we wanted was A Little Respect.

Available in May.

Mag EraSURE [Fujitsu via DVHardware]