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Full Color Paradigm Shift Ereaders For Under $200 Shown Off Next Week at CES

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

At what point does a supposed ereader become a tablet? When it has a color screen for viewing photos and YouTube videos? Built-in MP3 player? Someone needs to have a quick word with Paradigm Shift's marketing department.

The company will be announcing two ereaders next week at CES, the 5-inch EER-051 and 7-inch EER-071WF. The first will have all the basic functions with 1GB of flash memory and an SD card slot, and the 7-inch model run on Windows CE, will be fully touchscreen, and Wi-Fi enabled. If you want to watch YouTube videos, chat to friends using E-Buddy and read Microsoft Word, Excel and PDF documents, this is the model for you. Internal memory is 2GB, but a microSD card slot will expand it further.

The 5-inch model will read ANSI, Unicode TXT, DOC, PDF, HTML, FB2, PDB and EPUB ebook formats, with the more capable 7-inch model a few more DRM-addled ebook formats.


Paradigm Shift is obviously keen to keep prices down on these two models, with the 5-inch EER-051 costing $150 (and coming in white, blue, periwinkle, pink, black and silver) and the 7-inch EER-071WF in just black and white for $200, on sale end of February. [Electronista]