Funko Are Bringing Old School Star Wars Shogun Warriors To Celebration

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Later this week, Star Wars Celebration will kick off, bringing with it a veritable host of exclusive goodies for fans to spend their hard-earned credits on. But Funko's bringing along something rather neat: Star Wars toys that mix retro nostalgia for the Kenner toys with nostalgia for old Japanese robot toys.


In the west we know them as Shogun Warriors, imported 24-inch tall Japanese Toys turned into a toyline by Mattel in the 1970's. The sizes of the figures was inspired by the big boom of Japanese toys in the same period: Chokogin, diecast models of super robots and tokusatsu characters (named after the fictional metal that Mazinger Z was made out of). The popularity of diecast metal figures wore out eventually, leaving the scale to be taken up by cheaper plastic toys, just like the likes of Shogun Warriors would come to be. In an age where retro-figures are usually just trying to emulate the old 3.75" classics of Kenner's Star Wars line, it's nice to see something that's decidedly not that.

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The two exclusive toys — which, just like Shogun Warriors, have little wheels on their feet as well as the ability to fire their spring-loaded fists — are a Shadow Stormtrooper, a long beloved idea for variant Stormtrooper toys, and a double retro dosage with a Boba Fett based on Kenner's original toy. That Boba Fett was of course infamous for being released with a rocket-firing jetpack, and quickly withdrawn from promotional offers due to health and safety concerns before being quickly replaced with a version that couldn't fire the rocket. Thankfully, this Boba fires his rocket too. I mean, you've already got firing fists, what extra harm is a rocket going to do?

The toys will be available at Funko's booth during Celebration for an undisclosed price (as with all retro-style toys, I'm going to hazard a wild guess at "pricey").


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For those unfamiliar with Shogun Warriors, here is everything you need to know, but didn't know to ask. Bonus points for the Ric Flair intro (2001: A Space Odyssey theme) as well as using Star Wars miniatures for scale reference and target.