Funny Tivo Ads Feature Antenna as Phallus

The new "TiVo Gets Me" ads, part of their $15 million dollar campaign, are good. They'd be smug and impotent as any squeeky clean gadget ad, if it weren't for the slip of college humor into each of these two clips.

First, Mr. Baseball, a TiVo fan as visually distinguished by his antenna, compares his TiVo with his cute but naggy girlfriend. She doesn't understand his love for the Great American Pastime, but TiVo does. In fact, there's only one other thing she can do that'll make Mr. Baseball's antenna stand up with more excitement than TiVo or baseball.


Then, the BBQ where the TiVo gents compare antenna size while roasting wieners.

My Tivo Gets Me [Zatz not Funny]

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