Furious Drunk Man Attacks Motorist With Live Power Line

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According to the police, this guy is one crazy drunk suicidal bastard who grabbed a live power line struck down by Hurricane Irene and attacked another driver in the middle of the storm with it. How in hell?

The alleged nutter is 32-year-old Richard Bialczak. The police says he chased 28-year-old Derek Edwards on a road in Silver Spring, Maryland, until they reached a downed power line that was blocking the way. Edwards stopped and got out of the car to warn Bialczak about the still-sparking line on the asphalt. But instead of saying "oh, thank you very much, that's very kind of you, you honorable and gentle young man you", Bialczak started to insult him and proceded to ram his car against Edwards' to get it closer to the power line. As you normally do in these cases.

But not happy with doing just that, the police says that Bialczak got out of his card and started to furiously kick Edwards' car with feet and fists, tore off its antenna, destroyed its bumper and, as a final act of idiotic fuckassery, grabbed the sparking power line and threw it onto the victim's car.


Luckily, nothing happened to Edwards. Of course, Mr. Dick Ballsack's lawyer claims that the poor devil is innocent and that Greedo shot first. [NBC Washington]

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