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Surely kids have important e-mails and business matters to attend to that would require a gadget like this. As a youngster, when I wasn't kicking kid's asses on the playground I was dabbling in business matters and making sure everything was running smooth at the office. If only I would have had a gadget like. Okay, so the only thing Blackberry-esque about the Fuse Box is the keyboard and shape. This device connects to any Wi-Fi network and will let the kiddos send text messages to each other easily. It isn't subscription based either, so no need to spend unnecessary money on the kids. It is available for $70.

Okay, I lied. I wasn't the one kicking people asses on the playground. I was the one getting beaten to a pulp. But hey, this is the Internet, I can say whatever I damn well please.


Fuse Box, A Blackberry for Kids [Uber-review]

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