Fusion-io IoXtreme SSD: Fastest Consumer SSD on the Market

Illustration for article titled Fusion-io IoXtreme SSD: Fastest Consumer SSD on the Market

HotHardware took a look at this consumer-focused PCI-Express SSD from Fusion-io, and found that while it's pretty damn expensive at $900 for 80GB, it's blazingly fast, hitting 700MB/s read and 300MB/s write speeds.


Unfortunately, in addition to the expense, it can't be used as a bootable drive quite yet, although Fusion-io claims that feature is coming. And we probably shouldn't gloss over the expense—yeah, it's a "consumer drive," and it's cheap compared to similar drives, but it's still $900 for 80GB. But it's a cool look at where storage could be headed, and if you've got enough money to snag one (available at Amazon), well, I hate you lots. [HotHardware via Engadget]



Just buy two or three SSDs and RAID (stripe) them for the same price. You get so much more storage and equivalent performance. Since SSDs are pretty reliable even trebling the likelihood of failure isn't going to be bad. The bottle neck becomes the sata data transfer rate.