Baltimore-based band Future Islands finally got some much-deserved mainstream attention this past March after appearing on Letterman. Suddenly, the band was everywhere with their new single Seasons (Waiting on You). But after listening to their new album on repeat for months, there's still just one song that haunts me every time it comes on: Fall From Grace.

The song is most definitely a b-side kind of track. It's not even close to my favorite song on the record. But it has these two screamy moments that I can't help but love. They remind me of that passion you'd hear in the third chorus of a grunge-pop song from bands like Nirvana or Sunny Day Real Estate.


The moments are vulnerable yet somehow restrained — both dialed back and passionate in the way that it seems only Future Islands can do these days. It's kind of like the lead singer, Samuel T. Herring, has got something bubbling just underneath the surface that only rears its head for a moment — hinting at something more exhausting and angry and perhaps a little dangerous.

It's a good song, and a great distorted tone, but it works even better within the context of the entire album. So be sure to check out the whole thing, however you kids are doing that these days. Compact disc? Wax cylinder? Brain wave injection?