FyreTV Brings Adult IPTV To Your Living Room

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Picture a Vudu IPTV box that brings porn into your living room over the internet. That's FyreTV, which will be "The Hottest BoXXX You'll Ever Experience" when beta applications begin in just about 12 hours. There's not many details on their home page or their meager press release that just says they've signed up non-exclusive deals with a few adult content providers. What we do know is that this is completely streaming (no downloading and saving), and you'll be able to create favorites and search movies for "specific performers and scenes". Sounds like FireTV isn't the only thing that'll be coming soon. [FyreTV via Adult FYI (NSFW) - Thanks Bryan G!]


All I have to say is... WOW... I wasn't expecting to see this, but it is VERY VERY cool to see the feedback that my baby is getting.

Ok, for those of you who want a sneak peek into the product pricing here it goes…

The product will be priced very much like cable television, it will have a very low monthly recurring ($9.99) which will allow you to watch any content in the system for "X" amount of minutes; you can purchase additional minutes to continue watching. You will also be able to rent movies that you will be able to playback in the system unlimited time; and last but not least you will be able to buy "premium packages" that will range from 14.99 to 29.99 to watch a particular content houses movies without limit.

Quality? If you have 1.5mbps you can watch full DVD quality; we also offer lower qualities in the event that your internet quality degrades.

How much content? Hmmm, A LOT, we have currently secured around 10,000 movie titles, however we will be releasing only around 1000-2000 for the beta testers (which will have free access to the system and all its movies for as long as the test runs)

How many beta testers are we expecting? 5000 qualified…

How do you improve your chances to get into the beta test? First come first serve, application opens in a few hours!


Estefano, CEO and Founder of FyreTV.com