G3 Beer Server Makes Us Complete

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Oh man, another week and another good reason to start a Mac Vs. PC beef. I just love this job. In what can only be described as the end of the thirty something year debate about which is better, behold the pinnacle of versatility that is the, ingeniously titled, Apple G3 Beer Server.


Much like Frodo, some unassuming Apple fanboy has come out of nowhere to settle the debate. He probably spent good years of his life preparing this device; certainly the time could not have been spent in a better way. We want the G3 Beer Server so bad we have been throwing sissy fits for about ten minutes straight. This behaviour will persist till we have the precious server in our clammy hands. We have no doubt that the human prodigy behind this has probably kept the G3 in working order, most likely running a copy of Leapord OS X (somehow) and he has modelled it to integrate beverage dispensing capabilities. Making movies with iMovie? Want to kick back and enjoy your new creation? Hit the "dispense" button, right up in the menu and enjoy your iMovie with your iDrink. "They just work," has never been so fitting. Freaking sweet. [Geekstir].


@RustyBones: Show me an 8 core consumer PC that's not a Mac.