Our daily gadget deals are great, but Prof. Dealzmodo is stepping it up a notch. This version is all freebies—with info on how to search the web for more free stuff on your own.

The Basics

Finding free stuff on the internet is all about knowing where to look and what to avoid. Consumer forums like Fat Wallet (in their free section) are a great resource. Other examples include Totally Free Stuff and Giveaway of the Day for free software. Totally Free Stuff even has a section devoted to other freebie sites. At any rate, there are thousands of similar sites spread across the internet that are only a "free stuff" Google search away.


What to Watch Out For:

If there are comments about a free deal, make sure to read them for scam alerts—and keep in mind that a higher number of comments increases the likelihood that the deal is legit.

Gadgets and other hard products are usually free only after rebate (Google search "free after rebate"). Naturally, many of these deals are bait for signing up with credit card companies and other shadiness. I suppose it goes without saying, but it's in your best interests to avoid such offerings. Other freebie deals might require you to sign up for a newsletter or join a site—make sure to read the terms carefully.

The Deals


• Epson Stylus Photo Printer for $0 (normally $100 , use these rebate forms: here and here. Valid until 2/15. Terms and Conditions apply).
• HP USB Laser Mouse for $-4.27 (normally $15.73 - use this rebate form).
• Wall Cell Phone Holder for $0 (normally $4.49).

• Internet Security Suite Plus 2009 for $0 (normally $129.98 - use this rebate form. Valid through 3/01).
• Nero 9 for $0 (normally $70 - use rebate forms here and here).
• Internet Security Suite Plus 2009 and 1GB Flash Drive for $0 (normally $79.99 - use this rebate form).
• WebEasy 7 Professional Series for $0 (normally $39.99 - use rebate forms here and here).

• Subscription to American Baby Magazine for $0.
• Subscription to Golf Digest Magazine for $0.
• Subscription to Harper's Bazaar for $0.
• Subscription to Cosmopolitan Magazine for $0 (no longer valid).
• Subscription to Blender Magazine for $0.
• Subscription to Metropolitan Home Magazine for $0.
• 3 Digital Issues of Maxim for $0 (valid through Valentine's Day).


• Yogurt Parafit for $0 (normally $2.99 - valid through 2/28).
• Betty Crocker's Warm Delights Minis for $0 (use a fake e-mail address unless you want newsletters from Mrs. Crocker).
• Italian Delight Espresso Beans/Pods for $0.
• Malcolm's Hot Chocolate (4 packs) for $0 (must live in Canada).
• Kellogg's "Smattering" of PopTarts samples throughout the year for $0.
• Chocolate Turtle Chex Mix for $0.
• Diet Dr. Pepper for $0.
• Total Cranberry Crunch Cereal for $0.
• Roaring Lion Energy Drink for $0.
• Chocolate or Cheddar Mini Delights Rice Cakes for $0.

Hobomodo—Miscellaneous Products:
• Escape from Winter Giftpack for $0.
• Lady Speed Stick Deodorant for $0 (must be 18).
• 2009 Harley Davidson V-Rod Muscle Calendar featuring Marissa Miller for $0.
• Protege Lip Gloss for $0 (normally $25).
• 1200 Photo Prints for $0 (use coupon code Free800).
• Space Camp CD for $0.
• Revlon, Garnier Fructis products for $0 (use this rebate form).
• Wilson Combat DVD (regarding shooting sports) for $0.
• 2009 Consumer Action Handbook for $0.
• BMW Moto Madness "Do Not Attempt This" DVD for $0.
• Yankee Candle for $0 (valid through Valentine's Day).

• Harajuku Lovers Fragrance for $0.
• HUGO Element Fragrance Sample for $0.
• Sunkist Lemonade Stand for $0 (must make a pledge to donate profits to charity).
• Nicoderm CQ Sample for $0.
• Energizer Hearing Aid Batteries for $0.
• Hookah Tobacco Samples for $0 (must be 21 or older).
• Surf Detergent Sample for $0.
• StaiNo Tooth Stain Remover Samples for $0.
• Benefiber sample for $0.
• Metamucil sample for $0.
• Stimulant X Fat Burner sample for $0.


So, go forth and find freebies folks. In this economy, there is nothing wrong with being cheap.

Prof. Dealzmodo is a regular section dedicated to helping budget-minded consumers learn how to shop smarter and get the best deals on their favorite gadgets. If you have any topics you would like to see covered, send your idea to tips@gizmodo.com, with "Professor Dealzmodo" in the subject line.