Gadgets and Multitasking Are Ruining Your Life

Illustration for article titled Gadgets and Multitasking Are Ruining Your Life

Do you know why you can't concentrate on one thing at a time? Why you can't get engaged with your family? Why you need to check your email every five minutes? Because gadgets and multitasking are screwing up your brain.


According to this lengthy NY Times article, our brains just aren't wired for the amount of distractions that gadgets have presented us with. They liken digital distractions to food and sex; we need 'em in moderation, but too much is bad for business.

There are some nice interactive tests that will gauge your focus and ability to multitask. Spoiler alert: you have trouble focusing but are pretty good at multitasking.

Hell, I can sort of feel what the article is talking about. A lot of the time I'll start a task and, when near completion, get distracted by another window. A solid chunk of time will go by before I realize and remember that other thing I was supposed to be doing.

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