Gadgets In Space

It's no surprise that NASA has all of the best gadgets, and they'll be using some of them for the forthcoming flight of the Space Shuttle Atlantis to the International Space Station, which is scheduled for launch on the 27th.

For one they'll be using a camera on the end of the Shuttle's 50-foot long robot arm to examine the shuttle's heat shield for any damage, and then they'll be using the same arm to maneuver a 17.5-ton truss into place, adding more solar panels. Then two astronauts will use their hi-tech spacesuits to take a stroll into space to prepare for the unfurling of the new 240-foot long solar panels. All this at an altitude of 220 miles and a speed of 27,000 miles per hour Meanwhile, at an altitude of about 5 feet, I am having trouble building an Ikea bookshelf. I wonder if NASA could give me hand?


This Old Space Station [NY Times]

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