Galaxy Note II: 5.5-Inches of S-Pen Friendly Phablet

We may not be the biggest fans of Samsung's giant phone movement, but apparently consumers have decided otherwise because Sammy is trotting out the Galaxy Note II: a 5.5-inch brute of a phablet running Android Jelly Bean. And with a screen so big, it promises to be fully compatible with the pressure sensitive S-Pen.

In addition to the 1280x720 display, which is even bigger than the 5-inch AMOLED of the original Galaxy Note, the successor is powered by Samsung's 1.6 GHz, quad-core chipset, two gigabytes of RAM and up to 64 gigabytes of storage. Plus it has an 8 megapixel rear camera, along with 4G LTE, NFC and the usual wireless technologies like wi-fi and Bluetooth. Throw in a bigger 3100 mAh battery (compared to the 2500 mAh of the Galaxy Note), and you've got yourself a very powerful—and very very large—phone tablet thing. [Samsung]


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