Game of Thrones' Emilia Clarke Has Written a Very Peculiar Superhero Comic

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The Mother of Dragons conquered Westeros; now, she’s coming for the comics industry. Actor Emilia Clarke—who just recently joined the MCU—has written a new superhero comic for Image. It’s titled M.O.M.: Mother of Madness, and it involves significantly more heroin-addicted raccoons than I would have guessed.


The comic, which Clarke is co-writing with DC Bombshells’ Marguerite Bennett, features a regular mom who gets superpowers that Clarke is extremely cagey about in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. She does say this, however: “She can do a lot of stuff at certain moments in her month. She can do all of these wicked things, but they all come from the fact that she is a woman who has a menstrual cycle. I thought it would be cool to have all the things that women don’t like about themselves, flip that, and make those the things that make her superhuman.”

That’s both unexpected and quite intriguing, as is the cover of the first issue of the three-part series, featuring the titular mom’s superhero mask:

Image: Jo Ratcliffe/Image Comics

EW writes: “Clarke describes the comic as a Deadpool-esque blend of ‘a lot of silliness’ and tongue-in-cheek humor, combined with a very current feminist sensibility ‘explored in an extreme genre-bending atmosphere.’” Appropriately, Clarke’s assembled an all-female creative team for Mother of Madness, including illustrator Leila Leiz, cover artist Jo Ratcliffe, and contributor Isobel Richardson. However, apparently the concept for M.O.M. is all Clarke’s idea, down to her origin story and superhero outfit, which is pretty cool.

You can read a few pages of the first issue over at EW, but I do need to share with you one specific panel:

Image: Image Comics

Khaleesi, you have my undivided attention—at least when Mother of Madness #1 arrives on July 21.

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