Game of Thrones' The Mountain breaks 1000-year-old weightlifting record

Watch Júlíus Björnsson (AKA The Mountain of Game Of Thrones) carrying a 1433-pound (650 Kg) log on his back and walk five steps with it breaking a 1000-year-old viking weightlifting record.

Illustration for article titled iGame of Thrones /iThe Mountain breaks 1000-year-old weightlifting record

The record is based on the 1000-year-old legend of Orm Storulfsson, an Icelander that carried a 1433 pounds and 33 feet (10 meters) long Monster Wooden Log. It took 50 men to place it on his back. Right after he took the third step his back couldn't hold the weight and broke. The legend says Orm Storulfsson wasn't the same after that.

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richard boutet

Louis Cyr made a backlift of 1967 kg or 4337 lb... Go read about him.