Game Ported From iPhone to Zune HD in 12 Hours

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Game maker Foundation 42 is one of the first developers to get an app working on the Zune HD, and it looks like it wasn't too difficult a process, taking only 12 hours. This is a good sign.


The game, a fun little word puzzler called Wordmonger, is already available on several platforms (iPhone, various desktop OSes) but using the XNA, Foundation 42 was able to port it over to the Zune HD. Now that we know it's not an incredibly difficult process, we've got to question Microsoft's decision to lock the Zune HD to free, first-party apps. Right now, to get Wordmonger onto your Zune HD, you have to download the developer kit and use another piece of software, rather than just heading into the Zune Marketplace and downloading the app.

We hope Microsoft is questioning the decision too—the Zune HD is a really powerful little gadget, and that Tegra chip is capable of some impressive feats. We'd love to see the Zune HD opened up for more developers, and if there's enough buzz Microsoft might eventually do just that. [YouTube via Twitter]


We already knew that XNA was a brilliantly easy to use SDK, it's been available for years. I've used over a dozen different programming languages and C# is by far the easiest, and when paired with the XNA libraries it's the flat out simplest game programming environment in history.