GameExpert's PSP Portable Theater: Fancy Way of Saying 'Dock'

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Companies try to come up with clever names to disguise what their lowly products truly are, so it's with great joy that we present the GameExpert Portable Home Theater for the PSP. Misleading name aside, the Portable Home Theater is little more than a dock with built-in speakers and a tiny subwoofer. It does, however, have that neat-o blue color effect thing feature.

The Portable Home Theater promises "hi-fi quality sound" and has two headphone jacks for dual silent listening. There's also the always appreciated line-in jack for connecting other external, non-PSP audio devices.


GameExpert's Portable Home Theater, available in black and white, is out now for around $75. But, hey, that blue effect is worth a few extra coins, right?

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