Garmin Issues Fix For Wonky Nüvi 7x5 Update, Will Repair Bricked Units for Free

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Following a small software update last week, a swath of Garmin's product line started exhibiting some troubling symptoms, like freezing, constant update prompts, and death. Now, Garmin has apologized, rolled out a firmware fix, and will repair bricked units.

The first round of fixes, which are available in Garmin's WebUpdater app, will remedy signal acquisition, freezing and update prompt problems for of the Nuvi 7x5 series of navigators. Updates for the similarly afflicted 800 series, nüvi 8x5, Zumo 660, GPSMAP 620 and GPSMAP 640 hardware will be coming in "the near future," which, given how short the timeframe is on this issue so far, probably means no more than a few days.


Mercifully, for the unlucky folks whose nüvi 7x5 have been bricked by the prior update, Garmin is urging users to file for an RMA, and will fix or replace the devices under warranty. [Garmin]