Are biometrics something fans really want to see as an overlay on a stream? Are you really going to watch the “health bar” of your favorite gamer or are you going to watch the actual gameplay? Some elite athletes definitely use wearables to track performance, but...the last thing I want is to have an overlay of Simone Biles’ heart rate on an Olympic broadcast while she does her floor routine? Pretty sure I, as a viewer, do not care to analyze LeBron’s heart rate stats during a basketball game. That’s his trainer’s job, and incredibly invasive. The broadcast function seems like a tacked-on feature to monetize and GaM3RiZ3 this particular watch at the expense of the gamer in question’s health and wellbeing.


Perhaps I’m completely wrong and the esports community will buy 4,000 of these and Garmin can shoot me a video of themselves swimming Scrooge McDuck-style in a pile of esports money. If so, please, please, please delete me from this timeline.